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Sweetharmony Waitlist and Pricing Guidelines



Sweetharmony Waitlist

Sweetharmony's is a small, cageless cattery with over 20 years

experience. Persian cats, Exotic Shorthair and Himalayan in

Chocolate and Lilac are our life.


We do not have a large volume of kittens available because we only

have a few litters per year out of carefully planned combinations.

We strive to produce the highest quality healthy kittens.


Currently we are keeping an informal NOTIFY LIST of parties interes-

ted in knowing when new kittens arrived. If you are interested to

become added to that list and are seriously interested in one of our

cats/kittens, just send us an e-mail with some further information:


Tell us a bit more about yourself and any specifics as to what type

of cat/kitten you are looking for e.g. preferred color, pattern, sex,

price range, etc.


The more info we get in advance - the more we can help you to find

YOUR purrrrrrrrrfect kitten!


Please be informed that we do not sell our kittens on a first come,

first served basis. Each kitten has a different personality just as

people do, so let us help you to find the best fit for you, so that

both, owner and cat are happy for a lifetime.


Our kittens are raised in our home and not in a separate building or

cages. Our cats are full family members. Non of our kittens will go

to catteries with cages! We will be here to help you with any questions

or concenrs that you may have about your new kitten before, during,

and after the sale.


YOUR TIME is appreciated and we don't want to offend you with our

questionnaire, we want to help you! In order to put you on our waiting

list, please answer the questions below, copy them and send them by



Paypal E-Mail-Address for deposit: sweetharmony(at)bluewin.ch

Western Union is also welcome for deposit

(Deposits are non-refundable)


Your Name:

Phone number:

Email address:



Are you currently interested in a specific Kitten?

(If yes, which one?)


Where should your cat/kitten stay?




Kitten / Cat Color Preference & Gender Request?

Are you looking for a Pet, Breeder- or Show kitten/cat?


Do you Own or Rent your home?

If you rent, do you have your landlord's permission for a cat? Yes/No?


How many people (adults & children) are living in your home?


Are you planning any major changes in the near future?

(Moving, getting married, having a baby, etc.)?


If yes, do you have a plan to help your new kitten adjust and not get

overly stressed?


Do you currently own any other species of pets?

Please list and describe them all:

(Age, breed, sex, altered or intact)


What kind of research have you done on the Persian breed?

Are you prepared for the grooming responsibilities in caring for a



Are you interested in breeding your new cat?

Are you willing to spay or neuter your new cat if you are purchasing

a pet?


What time frame do you have in mind for finding and adopting a kitten?

If we currently have no kittens, how long are you willing to wait for

the right one?


Do you have any additional questions/comments for us?


The information you provide will allow us to get to know you better

and to find the right kitten for you and your family.


Providing false information will result in denial and loss of your

deposit. We do reserve the right to verify all information provided,

possibly including a visit to your home, whenever possible.


We'll keep your details for approx. 6 month. If we don't hear from you

within that time, we'll asume you have found your new family member in

the meantime and you'll be automatically removed from our list.


We reserve kitten upon paid deposit (Paypal/Western Union accepted,

but fees must be covered) on a first come first served approved house-

hold basis.




Sweetharmony Pricing Guidelines

Every single kitten will be raised with all our love, care and

socialization. They are all family members from the first day on and

even if they leave, they'll never be forgotten and you can always come

back to us if you have any questions or problems in future.


Please understand that we are very choosy in selecting the right home

for our babies. They will only be placed in approved homes we are

comfortable with and we reserve the right to refuse certain requests.


Occasionally we have also some pet quality kittens, which doesn't mean

that they are less lovable. Our pricing is dependant on how closely a

kitten meets the show standards of CFA and/or FIFe, bloodlines and

color. So please find below some further details:



Our Pet Quality Kittens:


As mentioned already, we don't make any difference between pet

quality and show quality kittens. We treat them all the same way and

they are as healthy and loved as our show quality kittens. They just

might not meet our strict criteria and/or have show faults or not fullfil

the show standards in one way or another. Means they might have a longer

nose or other things that are not 100% perfect and can't compete in shows

and/or should not be breed. Those kittens are sold on a spay/neuter contract

only and/or are only leaving our homes spayed/neutered.



Our Show/Breeder Quality Kittens as a pet:


(most of our kittens will fall under this category)

Those kittens are clos to meeting our interpretation of CFA/FIFe

standards for showing. They could probably reach Championchip or

Premierchip status if shown.


Those kittens are sold on a spay/neuter contract only and/or are only

leaving our homes spayed/neutered.


Price ranges from $600 to $900



Our Show/Breeder Quality Kittens as a pet but with full Showing rights:


These kittens could probably be shown to a Championship

status and upon request we might give permission to allow breeding

with such a kitten (but reserve the right to ask for the price

difference see ranges below).


PLEASE NOTE: It is very rare that we sell kittens with full breeding

rights. Only to extremely small, cageless catteries that are working to

improve the breed, especially in our Chocolate/Lilac breeding program.


If you are seriously interested in a kitten with full breeding and

showing rights, please contact us.


Price with showing rights but without breeding rights ranges

from $ 1.000 to $ 1.500

Price with full showing and breeding rights ranges

from $ 1.500 to $ 3.000



Our Top Show Quality Kittens:


We have to admit that these kittens do not come along

very often, since we all know how difficult it is to breed Chocolate

and Lilac kittens with such a standard. So if it really happens that

we are lucky, those kittens are almost always kept back for future show

and breeding prospects.


Price ranges from $ 3.000 and up (depending on color preference, gender,



All our precious little diamonds are so special and unique and for sure

you'll always find another place where you can buy a cheaper kitten. We

are fully aware about that but we kindly ask you to spend a minute to

think about the following:


Are they as healthy as our kittens?

Are they raised with all that love?

Are they socialized as our precious kittens are?


Taking cat breeding seriously is a very expensive undertaking and

requires a huge amount of time. Our aim is to provide quality not

quantity and therefore we invest very much time, love and especially

in taking care about the health of all our cats and kittens to ensure

as much as possible that the new family of our beloved kittens will

have joy and happiness for a very long time!


Look at the following numbers and assume yourself how careful we are:


CFA/FIFe registered kittens from 1994 to 2013:

We only had 91 kittens (including or 2 newest family members) out of

38 carefully planned combinations!



Yes, it might be that you'll find a cheaper kitten! But please respect

the fact that our cats/kittens are our beloved family members and not

objects! Please don't try to negotiate with us about our prices, we

are not a bazaar. Such emails will not even be answered from us!


Also please remember, quality has its price! You can only buy a cheap

kitten if that breeder saved money by not providing the proper health

care or by cutting corners on cat food.


As a result out of those savings from that breeder, you might purchase

a sick cat/kitten and you might need to invest plenty of extra money

for your veterinary expenses. In the worst case, your beloved new family

member will not be with you very long. Many of our kittens reached an age

of 15 years or even older without having any serious health problem until

they went over the rainbowbridge.


We saw so many bad things during the last 20 years and our goal is to make

people happy with our beloved kittens!



Thank you

Thanks for your time - we will contact you promptly.

Sweetharmony Persian Cats and Exotic Shorthair







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