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Sweetharmony Health Tests



Cat health and more...


Maintaining a healthy, professional and responsible breeding program

doesn't happen by itself! Sweetharmony/Sweet Harmony's Persian cats

& Exotic Shorthair is a regular veterinarian checked cattery with

good husbandry practices and careful observation and we follow a well-

planned system designed to decrease illness, infectious disease and

stress, such as regular health exams along with testing and vaccinations.

We guarantee that all our kittens/cats are coming from 100% tested Feline

Leukemia and Feline Aids negative, and DNA tested PKD negative parents.

We provide upon request copies of parents testing results.


Nothing is ever 100% fool proof if you are living together with several

animals, but we try real hard to keep our high standard! We keep every

single place in the house immaculately clean in every aspect, from bedding,

bowls, litter pans and so on, in order to avoid that anything could happen

to our beloved furry babies.


And if really something shouldn't be in order with one of our beloved cats

or kittens, we have an isolation area so that even a respiratory disease

would have no chance to be spread. Since cats with managed medical prob-

lems often require a special diet, it is also easier to keep them in this

separate room (which in our case is our bedroom, so that we can easily watch

the health progress). As you can see, we are fully organized and prepared

even for the worst case scenario which, cross fingers, never will appear in

our home.


We breed selectively and have only a few kittens (normal case 1 to 3 litters)

per year. But we will never change our aim to produce quality, socialized

kittens only and not to make money out of them! Please try to avoid buying a

kitten from any cattery who operates as a „warehouse“, offering a multitude of

kittens out of a large number of litters. There is really not one good, valid

reason for any person to produce upwards of thirty or even more kittens per

year and on top of that, such kittens really can't be carefully raised nor



Before any of our cats/kittens are allowed to be placed in their new home, they

will see a licensed Veterinarian for health check and are guaranteed free of

fleas, ear mites, ringworm and internal parasites, fully vaccinated and several

times dewormed.


All our cats/kittens are full family members and are living with us in our house.

Not one of our cats is living in a cage our outside in pens. Only our stud boys

are separated in a different room but with open lattice door so that they don't

feel left outside alone. Sadly there is no other way they can live with us and

the female cats as there would be uncontrolled matings. Their special home is

fully furnished with cosy cat furnitures, bedding and toys so that they really

don't miss anything and get one on one attention, activity, love and mental

stimulation in a low stress enivronment. They even have their special hours on

a daily basis where we separate the female cats so that the boys can be with

us for a while and feel integrated in the family.


Btw, we met many people that were trying to save money by cutting corners

on cat food, but honestly, this is no solution and as a result you could even

harm the health of your cat. Only if you purchase a high quality cat food for

the cats plus food that is formulated for special needs you help them to stay

healthy. Pregnant and nursing mothers require a food that is formulated to

meet the demands for extra nutrition.


And finally, please always remember that cats need more than just food and

shelter. They need love, companionship and socialization.


Please find below our results from the latest health exams:



Vorschau Vorschau






All our cats are FeLV/FIV & PKD DNA1 negative tested!

We gladly provide copies of our tests upon request. Copies are given for

sure to the new owners of any of our kittens/cats.


On top of that we are a closed Cattery and do not offer stud service and we

don't let people into our Nursery. This is for the security and for the health

of our beloved kittens. No exceptions are made!




Thank you

Thanks for your time.

Sweetharmony Persian Cats and Exotic Shorthair







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