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contact details



Our cats are our passion!


If you would like to receive further informations about them

or one of our kittens or even more, please do not

hesitate to contact us any time.






Kontaktdaten / Contact details:


SKYPE:  danymoellers

(we speak English, German and also basic French)

facebook:  Daniela Muller

twitter:  sweetharmonycat

E-Mail:  daniela.lautenschlager(at)gmail.com



Alternatively, you can also find us on:


20 Years Sweetharmony's - photographs past, present and future

... more photographs from our cats

... another online place from our beloved cats


Tipps zu Katzen Gesundheit und weitere Informationen

Informations about Cats and Cat health



Thank you

Thanks for your time - we will contact you promptly.

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