Grooming of your Persian cat




Grooming your persian cat daily safes you time and troubles

and also your beloved cat will be more satisfied since the

procedure is much shorter and less painful if you brush the

coat on a daily basis instead of waiting for nodes.


As a breeder but also as pet lover you can bath and blow-dry

your cat every 4 weeks with a hypo-allergenic cat shampoo.

Why? It keeps the long hairs in good condition but it also

helps to keep the kitty used to this procedure in case you

really have to bath them if they carry the toilet with them

by accident...


Personally I prefer the F1R2 and It's Showtime products but

also Ring5 is a good product line.


My kittens are getting their first bath when they get 5 to 6

weeks old and I repeat it on a regular basis, so that the new

owner will have no problems to go on with that procedure. Also

I pay attention that I keep the head and especially eyes, nose

and ears away from the whole procedure and keep this parts dry

until I finished the body (your cat might start getting panic

attacks if the water comes into the face).


Before you start bathing your cat should be combed through

thoroughly and any nodes should be removed. Bring the water

to hand temperature. If the water has the right temperature

you place the cat in the shower or bath and make the coat wet.


First you start with a degreasing shampoo to remove the grease

from the skin to prepare it for other shampoos (so that the

skin is clear and the other shampoos are working). You could

use a product like F1R2 Super Scrub but you can also use

dishwashing liquid, preferable Pril Aloe Vera Sensitive.


If you see that your cat has a very greasy and oily skin,

especially males have often a greasy tale and greasy coat

around the ears, you may apply F1R2 Super Scrub pure on the

dry skin prior and leave it on for 5 10 minutes before you

make the coat wett. After using this please rinse out the

shampoo very well.


After that, my procedure is the following:



1st wash:


First I use F1R2 Super Scrub (can be diluted 1:4 with warm

water), massage (means apply it softly, never ever rub the

coat, it may give nodes) it well into the coat, leave it on

for 5-10 minutes (place your cat in a transport kennel during

that time) and then rinse at least 5 minutes.



2nd wash:


For bright or white cats I use F1R2 Snow burst pure which I

massage into the coat (depending on the needs of the optical

optical brightening I repeat it 2-3 times.


In case of dark coat (also tabby in all colors) I apply

(massage it) diluted with warm water. I leave it in the coat

for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse the coat again thoroughly.

F1R2 Snow Burst can be used for all colors.



3rd wash:


For the third wash I use F1R2 All Seasons (shake very well

before use). Because it is moisturizing the skin, use it as

last shampoo. It doesn't make the hair heavy and the coat gets

a special volume and will not become matted for a period of time.

Massage it gently into the coat, leave it 5-10 minutes and rinse

again thoroughly. After that you could use the F1R2 Conditioner

but only use it on the lengths and ends of the coat.


Alternatively you could use It's Showtime shampoo for the 3rd

wash. The advantage of this product is that the conditioner is

already included. On top it's a color shampoo that supports and

highlights the color. Use WHITE LACE for white or dilute, bicolor,

silver and colorpoint (himalayan) cats. FIERY BRONZE is for red,

golden, tabbies, torbies, etc. MIDNIGHT is for black or tortoise-

shell cats.



Useful information:


If you recognize that the coat gets matted after wetting, apply

the shampoo only on top of the coat, never rub it. Pay attention

that you rinse thoroughly otherwise the coat gets heavy and

stringy. If you think that all the shampoo is rinsed out, rinse

again for another 5 minutes and then you are really on the secure

site. Never rub the coat dry with the towel, only pat it dry.


Dilute only the required amount of shampoo; once diluted it

can't be kept for a long time!





As mentioned I leave that until the end of the bathing time.

You could use IT'S SHOWTIME Face shampoo. Put some shampoo on

a wash cloth and go over the face. Rinse the wash cloth and

remove the shampoo with the wet wash cloth from the face. If

you use a shower be careful that the water is not going into

the nose or ears.





Prefereable you should use a professional dryer e.g. Metro Air

Force Commander or others. You reach more volume, Due to the

strongness the dead hairs will be removed automatically.


You can even reach higher color intensity by blow-drying

correctly. Full colors should be blow-dried cold, all dilute

colors plus colorpoints should be blow-dried warm.


Keep the dryer about 15 to 20 cm away from the hair. Pay

attention that the cat is completely dry after the blow-dry,

also legs and feet. Not proberly dry places might get curly

or nodes may appear.


When the cat is completely dry I add sometimes a bit powder,

especially behind the ears, abdomen and shoulders to prevent

that the fur gets fast greasy again.



Other grooming procedures:


Clean the eyes on a daily basis with a soft cotton tissue and

special eye cleaning lotion (if you don't find a good cleaning

lotion you may also use a contact lense cleaner, preferable

Optrex, that is mild and not irritating the eyes in order to

prevent the building of stains.


What to do if your cat has stains already? Personally I made

the best experience with the #1 ALL SYSTEMS Super whitening

gel Stain remover.


Don't forget to clean the ears with a special ear cleanser at

least once a week to avoid that mites have a chance to live

in there. And of course keep an eye on the nails.


Sounds like a lot of work to you? It isn't! Doing this on a

regular basis saves your beloved animal from unnecessary pain.

The workload becomes routine and can be perfectly integrated

into your life. On top you and your beloved animal spend a lot

of time together, what is the most important and you can also

include gaming phases during those procedures that are ensuring

a lot of fun for both of you!







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