First Aid for Cats Dr. Schuessler Salts




Ideal for pets? Personally I made some good

experience with it because the salts easily can be

combined and can be dissolved in the drinking



I want to emphasize that I used the

salts for supporting reasons only.


If you believe that something is wrong with your

beloved animal you need to consult a vet immediately

in order to find out what is exactly wrong.


Natural remedies are a good supplement but you can

make many things wrong.


Keep in mind that it can be a healing medium but

giving it the wrong way or the wrong dosage it can

also become toxic (see arsenic).




1. Calcium fluoratum - The elasticity salt


Bone shell / bands weakness / varicose veins /

organ reduction / attitude weakness / enamel / nails /

fissures / cracking of skin / cornea


Calcium fluoratum increases the elasticity

of the connective tissue, ligaments and tendons as well

as the firmness of the bones and teeth. For supportive

treatment of varicose veins as well as for muscle and

ligament injuries and strains.




2. Calcium phosphoricum - The bones and teeth salt


Bone cells / blood forming / broken bones /

teeth inside / muscle cramps / pulse / Pregnancy /



Calcium phosphoricum supports growth and

healing processes of the bones

and teeth. It assists in the treatment of fractures

and osteoporosis.




3. Ferrum phosphoricum - The first assistance salt


Inflammation / low fever / pain / fatigue /



Ferrum phosphoricum is helpful in all kind of

infections in their initial stage. It is supportive

in the treatment of acute inflammations, feverish

conditions, fresh wounds, cuts and scratches as well

as first-degree burns (e.g. sunburn).




4. Kalium chloratum - The mucous membranes salt


soft swelling / blood too thick / rosacea /

spider veins / milia / mucous cough / after

vaccination / after medical treatment


Kalium chloratum is helpful in inflammations of

the mucous membranes, e.g. rhinitis, bronchitis,

gastritis, colitis and cystitis. It helps especially

in the second phase of inflammations when the disease

manifests with clear symptoms like exudates.




5. Kalium phosphoricum - The nerves and mind salt


Brainpower / fever / Antiseptic / gums /

mouth odor / agoraphobia


Kalium phosphoricum helps to find a balanced

state of mind and stabilises the nervous system.

It is indicated in the treatment of mental, emotional

and physical exhaustion and general states of weakness.

It supports the treatment of depressions.




6. Kalium sulfuricum - The chronic inflammation salt


oxygen deficiency / claustrophobia / Desquamation process

of the skin / bloating / intestinal yeast / muscle


Kalium sulfuricum helps to relieve chronic

inflammations and chronic skin disorders. It is helpful

in slowly healing wounds and for enhancing the healing

process of inflammations of the mucous membranes such

as throat, conjunctiva and nose.




7. Magnesium phosphoricum - The cramps and pains salt


Headache / colics / spasms /

anticonvulsant / menstrual pain /


Magnesium phosphoricum is helpful in

the treatment of frequent cramps and spasms of muscles.

It is indicated in the treatment of muscle pains e.g.

menstrual pains, common tensions in the neck or shoulders

and painful spasms in the gastrointestinal tract.




8. Natrium chloratum - The fluid balance salt


Detoxifying / making substances harmless /

insect bites / allergies / burns / high blood pressure


Natrium chloratum regulates the balance of

body fluids. It is indicated in gastroinstestinal

complaints like diarrhoea and vomiting.




9. Natrium phosphoricum - The acid-base balance salt


Deacidified acid / fat balance / metabolism /

tiredness / acne / greasy and dry hair /


Natrium phosporicum regulates the acid-base

balance and is helpful in the treatment of hyperacidity.

It assists the metabolism in general and is indicated in

digestive complaints like dyspepsia, flatulence, disorders

in digesting fat-rich foods (stomach cramps, obesity)

and acid reflux.




10. Natrium sulfuricum - The excretion salt


Making poisons harmless / fever blisters /

herpes / puffiness / swelling in the legs, hands,

fingers / frostbite


Natrium sulfuricum supports the general

detoxification processes and excretion of fluids. It

helps to excrete excessive tissue fluids and supports

the function of the liver.




11. Silicea - The hair, nails and skin salt


Connective tissue fragility / part of hair,

nails, nerves / light sensitivity / hernia / irritated

nerve / noise sensitivity / twitching of the eyelids or

muscles / stretch marks


Silicea helps to maintain the elasticity and

firmness of hair and nails. It is indicated e.g. in case

of brittle hair and nails, hair loss or irregular nail

growth. Silicea strengthens the skin and connective

tissue by enhancing the elasticity.




12. Calcium sulfuricum - The cleansing processes salt


Chronic Suppuration / Gout / Rheumatoid /



Calcium sulfuricum has an anti-inflammatory

effect and supports the growth of cells. It is indicated

in case of abscesses, pimples, pustules, and purulent





All data without guarantee !!!


Please cosult a veterinarian immediately,

when you see that something is wrong and also use

these natural remedies only after consultation

with the vet!








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