Why are purebred cats so expensive




Be careful when buying a cat!


Certainly many cat lovers asked this question if they made the

decision to buy a purebred cat! Especially because it's for sure that

they don't want to breed and they wouldn't need the pedigree either.

And what is going on in your mind now? Well, I believe something like:

this "greedy" breeder only wants to make money with his/her

kittens. Luckily there are so many "breeders" out there, that

are selling kittens at low prices. So why pay more?


Please be reminded that proper care and rearing has its price.

Cheap prices are only possible if the animals are kept cheap. It does not

matter? Exactly because of these "apparent" savings in the first

moment the animal could later pay for it with physical and mental damage.

Okay, there is still the possibility that everything is fine? Mostly it

is a regrettable fact that these animals come from mass breeding and owe

their lifes only the fact that unscrupulous people would like to make

money and usually at the expense of the animals, namely their mothers

have been much too early and much too often and to long abused. There

is no emphasis placed on health, quality and character. Most of those cats

are not even vaccinated and didn't see one vet during their life since that

would only cost money.


But this is not all. The kittens are usually not socialized,

they come from a production place. They are given too early, which of

course leads to that they are sick and weak. Yes they look so cute and

helpless, much better than having to wait until they are already 12 to

16 weeks old when a reputable breeder would give them to you? Well, if

you are lucky, your kitten will survive, combined with huge vet bills, which

then rise usually the purchase price from a reputable breeder many times

and what's even worse, usually you never get those poor creatures completely

healthy and that for a life time. This is even the badest out of all since you

have bought that cute kitten as a cat lover and wanted to have a companion

at your side for a long time. Then you start asking yourself why didn't I...


Another opportunity to purchase a young kitten is still given

in pet shops. But what do you buy there? Ever questioned? The kittens are

purebred, but where do they come from? Have the parents been healthy? Are

they tested PKD DNA negative? What happened to the kittens already? As

already mentioned, all baby animals are sweet, and we are getting easily

sad to see them behind the glass in the pet shop. But that is exactly

the sales strategy and in fact the price is not more favorable as the

price from a reputable breeder. On contrary, the breeder gets money from

the pet shop for those kittens and the pet shop wants to make profit out of

them. So you rather would go directly to a serious breeder because there

you will see what is fact. There you can see all the tests from the parents

and your kitten and you will see the parents and you can be sure that

nothing bad happened before in your kittens life.


Reputable breeders are members of a cat club, have to follow

breeding guidelines, have regulations as to when, how often, etc. cats

may have kittens, when they are allowed to be given, have obligations

relating to vaccinations and deworming, and much more. Not to mention, what

investments a serious breeder has to make before he can start breeding

even if there is still no guarantee that a purchased breeding cat ever

will bring kittens. Many tests are needed such as for example FIP-titer,

FIV, leukemia, PKD DNA testing, etc. etc. and now it should be more

clear why a kitten from a reputable breeder has its price and why he

certainly makes not big money out of the kittens.


I realized that most newbies in terms of buying a cat react

shocked when they made their first call to a breeder and heared that

their little darling would have a price of at least 500 Euros. But honestly

how do you buy your products for your entirely life? You prefer quality

or you prefer to buy cheap products where you don't know what you will

get? And projected to the duration of a cat's life, such an investment

is quite a bargain!


Do not forget that breeding is a hobby and every hobby usually

costs money and is almost not giving money, the costs for a good breeding

cat are much higher as you are ever going to pay for your little darling

and don't underestimate the exhibition costs, the vet and the association

costs. Breeding cats requires also high quality food, additives and that is

also not cost effective, but after all it is a wonderful hobby that's

addictive, even if we as breeders have no holidays and have to be available

almost 24 hours a day. The biggest joy for a breeder is, that you could

make one cat lover happy!


A few questions before you make your final decision to buy a kitten,

please ask yourself:


Are you ready to share your upholstered furniture and furnishings?


Are you willing to sacrifice a few plants or porcelain for your



Are you ready to live without vacation - under circumstances

for 15 years or longer?


Are you tolerating it to find cat hairs every where in your

home no matter where you go?


Do you have enough time for a kitten/cat? It is not enough to

feed them, cats love company!


Is really nobody in your family showing allergic reactions?


At the end some little tips:


Kittens learn a lot from their mothers and have already

received some prohibitions from the breeder. Please continue consistently

and with patience with the education after you bought your little one

so that a harmonious coexistence is ensured.


Kittens love curtains as climbing object, with a loud NO

or clapping your hands you should stop them usually. Some people swear to

wet them with water to keep them off but this may have the effect that

your beloved kitten is afraid of water in the future, this is why I don't

recommend this method for Persian cats since it might be essential that

they need a bath from time to time.


Dining tables have a magical attraction for cats, here I

have to say: be consistent from the start because your tiny cute kitten

will be grown up one day and you will have to live with this situation

and they don't care if you want to eat now or not.


Your bed will become quickly the favorite sleeping place for

your little one. If you don't want that your cat is laying later on

night for night exactly beside your ears and purrs into them, or is

laying even on your head or is stepping the half night on your back, you

ave to ban them consistently from the beginning on out of the bedroom,

although it might be hard for you at the beginning because they sit

usually in front ot the locked door yowling and scratching and trying

to bring you to the point to let them in...


Beating a kitten will not help at all. A kitten that was beaten

once, doesn't know what it did wrong and will do the same things again

and again, with one difference: it has lost the trust to its new owner

forever! With patience cats are very studious!


Are you still excited and willing to get a new room-mate?

Then take your new acquired knowledge, visit a breeder of your trust

and hopefully you find the new companion you where looking for!


Now we wish you lots of joy and fun with your new family member / s!






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