Suprelorin Chip also suitable for cats




Suprelorin chip (4.7 mg implant) for dogs - also suitable for

cats (stud males), as an alternative to the final castration?!


Virbac, important product informations:


The Suprelorin chip can be set by the veterinarian; experienced

people can also implant the chip (approx. 2.3 x 12mm) themselves.

The implant must be implanted subcutaneously in the loose skin on

the back between the neck and the lumbar area. This medicinal product

is authorized in the European Union.


The Suprelorin chip contains the active substance deslorelin and

acts as the body's natural hormone gonadotropin-releasing hormone

(GnRH), which controls the secretion of other fertility hormones.

The production of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing

hormone (LH) is suppressed (blocked), so this leads to a lower male

testosterone level in the blood, after which no more semen is produced

and decreases libido.


Should a treated dog still try to mate with a bitch on heat, it is

unlikely that she will get pregnant.



Mechanism of Action


Once the implant has been set, one active ingredient is released

continuously, which lasts up to 6 months to prevent the production

of neurotransmitters, which are needed to the formation of testosterone

and the other sex hormones in male dogs.


After about 2 - 3 weeks, the hormone levels will sink to a basal level,

just like a surgical castration.


It takes about 6 weeks before they are definitely infertile, during

that period the sperm stored in the epididymis is still capable of



The infertility from male cats is not yet really tested. But the fact is

that the stud cat will calm down for sure. I can say that one of my males

hasn't, after receiving the implant, mated any female for good 2 years,

the size of the testicles has decreased markedly, and he showed no interest

in the girls. Also, by nature, he has become very calm and confident,

although he was anxious before showed aggressive behavior due to that.


I just went to the vet with another male to implant the Suprelorin

chip, because there was no chance to calm this boy down. Nothing helped,

not even Androcur. Since the establishment of the maturity he kept crying

for girls day and night, so that the whole neighborhood could not sleep. So

I could only choose between castration and the chip. Well, the chip was

placed only a week ago and so far I can't say how it will work. But it is

fact, that the boy didn't cry anymore, already from the second day on, which

is a blessing for us all.



The benefit of a non-surgical, reversible castration:


The dog is no longer able to reproduce, while limited, but by the

end of the duration he can be used again as a stud dog.


Disorders that are related to testosteron, such as benign enlargement

of the prostate can be positively influenced by the implant.


Behavior problems can be identified, because they are not always

dependent on testosterone. Thus, a breeder is able to determine whether

castration would have a positive impact on the behavior of the animal.



Risks associated with Suprelorin:


Up to 2 weeks after implantation, a moderate swelling at the implant

site might be observed.


Up to three months after implantation, local skin reactions such as

inflammation or induration can occur. These symptoms usually disappear

on their own again.



Precautions for people:


If accidentally a skin contact should occur with the product, the

exposed area should be washed immediately, because the active ingredients

can be absorbed through the skin. Pregnant women should not administer this






No adverse reactions have been observed following simultaneous

subcutaneous administration of up to 10 implants.







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