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Hello, my name is Daniela Tanja Lautenschlager and I would

like to welcome you to the website of the Sweetharmony's




That's me in the year 2003



... and that is how I'm looking today



This is the history about our passion - Persians and

Exotic Shorthair in Chocolate and Lilac! It was a

long and stony way with many special moments of

happiness but also sad experiences! In loving memory

of the cats that allowed us to be part of their life

- we miss you all so much!


Our cattery was located in Cyprus for many years. We just started a new

challenge in our old/new hometown. Now enjoy your visit. We would be

pleased if you come back soon again.



This is my beloved little girl Aurora Severina, picture taken in 2005 ...



... and that is my little warrior today! She is a real great fighter.



... and this was our home for many years



... and here you find our new home.



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"Sweetharmonys (Sweet-Harmony's) Persians & Exotic Shorthair"

The story of our passion!



In the year 1991 I decided to welcome a new family member!

I didn't even spend one minute thinking about a cat,

particularly as I showed allergic reactions. with cats

as a child and on the other hand because cats are known

for the fact that they go their own ways.


Nevertheless I kept reading literature about different animals and

recognized that everywhere was reported that persian cats have

the following characteristic features: cuddly, quiet nature, etc.

I started to get fascinated from this breed but the above-mentioned

reservations (allergies) remained. I started buying cats magazines

and contacted various breeders and visited them. With their

"alleged" specialized knowledge (today I see it differently)

they really impressed me. What shocked me mostly, were the price

conceptions of these breeders (also here I had to revise my opinion

under certain circumstances later on).


After various visits I found my first cat, ironically by a dog breeder.

It was "a love at first sight". A bluesmoke male "Zozo

v.d. Klusmatt" whom grew up together with puppies. I couldn't resist

and signed the contract.


It didn't take long and I felt so sorry for my little darling, that he

had to be alone the whole day and had nobody to play with. I saw a

lilac boy in a magazine and felt in love too (I loved this color from the

first day I saw it). So he "Yackie v.d. Rietwies" joined our little

family soon. Two month later a black girl "Xenia v. Silvershadow" (chocolate

carrier) - which I found out later - was adopted as well. The first

thoughts to become a breeder myself arose. In 1993 I became member in

the FFH (FIFe-Cat Club in Switzerland). But what does it mean to become

a "breeder"? First of all it seems to be the easiest thing of the

world a male and a female and everything works out on its own. Wrong!


our first Dream-Team:

our first litter:


As a new breeder I couldn't count on help from the experienced breeders

which I didn't know at that time. They didn't tell me the truth about

certain things and I made a big mistake when I believed things from

my new "breeder friends". So, I stood there alone again

with all my questions and didn't know where to begin. In the year 1993

I acquired a cream-white girl "Angel Vanderbird", a lilac-white

girl "Dolitta v. Achheim" as well as a lilac-white boy

"Toy-Tiger v. Achheim" and a blue-white boy (chocolate carrier)

"Mac Killroy v. Achheim". The only thing that I could genetically

understand during that time was that you need at least carriers to be

able to get visual chocolate and lilac kitten.


Endeavored to deep my specialized knowledge, I bought even more

literature and worked me through the understandings of genetics and

breeding. The strict guidelines of the cat club in those days didn't

make the whole thing easier. After a "male or female for breeding"

should have reached at least "excellent" at an exhibition

I ventured the step, without notion how an exhibition runs off and

how you have to groom the cats, etc. and went to my first exhibition.

The result has been: I became mocked by the other breeders and the

judges smiled about me. Thus, I learned another valuable lesson about

"proper type","breeder cats" and "show cats".


Sure, my cats were healthy. But I had neither bathed nor groomed

them. I was firmly of the conviction that a good brushed fur would

be sufficient. Certainly I got my "excellent" for these

cats but without certification and with the note in every judges

report: the cats could be better groomed. There I stood, disappointed.

I was close to the tears, nevertheless, I had already invested so much

money and then this result. Nobody told me before what it means to

start breeding chocolates and lilacs at this time concerning of the

standard-typical characteristic features. The colour pleased

me from the beginning without knowing what a hard work it would be...


On account of my current experiences I must admit that these breeders

where I bought my first breeding cats did sell me to 90% "pet quality"

cats. But these are the experiences that a lot of "beginners"

did make.


I sat down again thinking about everything that I had to change and made

certainly also further mistakes. Something has been for sure I had to

change my "breeding cats". But I had no idea what I could do and

what would be best. One of these "friends" had recommended to

me to neuter the blue-smoke boy because he was not useful for the

chocolate/lilac-breeding. Which I also did after the first babies

from him had been born (I gave them all to pet homes and unfortunately

didn't keep anything from this lines). My boyfriend from this time

did take the lilac boy with him as we went seperate ways. I gave the

blue-white boy away and that cream-white female had to go to a place

where she could stay alone.


My first babies in bicolour lilac-white followed. I went with them to the

next possible exhibition and the judges told me, that the coat did not have

enough white. So they all went to loving pet homes as well. If I would have

known all those things that I know today I wouldn't have given them away

and I wouldn't have neutered my blue smoke boy. I would have worked with




Gradually step by step I then finally found the right contacts and can

say that from that point on I had real "breeder friends".

After all my experiences I started again with new breeder cats and

began breeding Chocolate and Lilac in Solid. After some time I wanted

to have also another color pattern in my house and I bought some tabbies

and silver tabbies from a friend of mine.


One of my greatest dreams came through in April 2002. My first

chocolate smoke girl was born!The next challenge for me was to receive

visual Chocolate- and Lilac-Bicos/Vans/Harlequins, which I wanted to

achieve soon.


After a longer break due to moving to Cyprus and giving birth

to my own beloved daughter, I re-opened my cattery in 2010 again. I

will go on with my breeding program and will go on with breeding

tabbies and silver-tabbies but also specialize my breed in solid

Chocolate and Lilac, Bico's and high white plus smoke.


It has been a hard, stony and difficult way to learn but I've

never given up and now I can look back on over 20 years breeding history

with many ups and downs, many unique moments and unforgettable cats that

touched my soul and are always in my heart!


One thing I promised myself: I will always help a new breeder wherever

I can! I am the first person that is impressed if another breeder is



This story is especially dedicated to the following cats that lost their

lives in many different ways, only because certain people are just

thinking about profit and don't care about/love animals:



Timberland dell'Iris Blu (lost without trace)

Sunrise v. Dreilinien (died in Germany)

Futurino v. Antennaria (lost without trace)

Kiralys Emma Peel (poisoned)

Sweetharmony's It's A Sin (lost without trace)

Sweetharmony's Cover-Boy (lost without trace)

Sweetharmony's Lady-Killer (lost without trace)

Pussini's Sweet Dreams (expropriated illegally, passed to a third

party, fortunately neutered there because he started spraying)

Pussini's Velvet (expropriated illegally, lost wihtout trace)

Hada-Grisetta v. Antennaria (did not survive the stay in Belgium)

Pussini's Tiffy (expropriated illegally during the last days of

pregnancy, she and the kittens probably didn't survive)

El Zaburs Pastelle (poisoned)

Indian-Summer v. Antennaria (rescued from Belgium, then lost without trace)

Sweetharmony's Future Dream (first lost without trace, the new owner contacted

me later on, but he had to be euthanized due to FIP)

Swinging Cats Forever in Blue Jeans (expropriated illegally, lost wihtout trace)

Sweetharmony's Purple Rain (lost without trace)

Sweetharmony's Dream-Doll (rescued from Belgium, then lost without trace)

Bocasana's Warpaint (rescued from Belgium, then lost without trace)

Sweetharmony's Showtime (due to the diseases that we brought in 2002 into our cattery

from other breeders, his limbs were so stunted that he would

never have been able to walk. Euthanized with a heavy heart.

Sweetharmony's Bolero (didn't survive because of the diseases in 2002)

Sweetharmony's Choc.Chipsy (didn't survive because of the diseases in 2002)

Sweetharmony's Dolce Gabana (died in Belgium)

El Zaburs Bella Bellissima (poisoned)

El Zaburs Ink Spot (died because of poisoning)

Ugo Boss de la Madrilene (poisoned)

Sweetharmony's Choc. Swirl (rescued from Belgium, then lost without trace)

Sweetharmony's Wild Honey (lost without trace in Belgium)

Sweetharmony's Desert Rose (died because of poisoning)

Sweetharmony's Wild Fire (died because of poisoning)

Sweetharmony's Honey Paws (lost without trace)

Sweetharmony's Desperado (died because of poisoning)

Sweetharmony's Braveheart (rescued from Belgium, then lost without trace)

Sweetharmony's Chiara (died because of poisoning)

Sweetharmony's Sugar Baby (died because of poisoning)

Sweetharmony's GoForGold (died in Belgium)



My cuties, you live on in my heart (one day we'll meet again)!


Dear reader, thank you for your time now, I wish you all the best

and hope you'll have fun here and come back often.



Daniela with family and cats





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