Pedigree for CY*Sweet Harmony's Xtra Cute
Born: 04/06/2013 Tests: both Parents PKD DNA/FeLV/FIV negative
Breed: Exotic Shorthair Sex: male
Color: red smoke & white, EXO ds 03 Eye: orange eyed 62
Microchip No.:
Sweet Harmony's Xtra Cute, EXO red smoke & white FIFe CH. Bienvenu U Are Not Alone, Exotic Shorthair black-smoke Vita Nova's Jimi Blue, EXO blue-white GC. Desmin Drum Major, EXO blue-tabby-white CH.,DM Desmin Desert Five-Spot, EXO cream mack.-tabby-white CH. Kowaliga Ted E. Bear, EXO cream-white GP. Desmin Daily Double, EXO cream white Van
CH. Ben-Mar Hopee of Kowaliga, PER blue cream
CH.,DM Zoticats Petunia of Desmin, EXO blue patched mackerel tabby white GC./GP.,RW Jovan Just Rusty, EXO red tabby
Jovan Moonshadow, EXO brown tabby white
Heida Anna Belle of Desmin, EXO black-white van Mr Bailey of Catsongs, PER black white van Purrmunn Spencer, PER red-white
Shar/Ron Tooty Fruity, PER Calico
GC.,DM Desmin Dixie Summer of Cotn Hill, EXO brown patched tabby-white CH.,DM Desmin Desert Five-Spot, EXO cream mackerel tabby white
GC./GP.,DM Mint Hill Magic of Desmin, EXO black-white Van
Fluffy Joke's Matrix, PER black-smoke EC. Vita Nova's Infinity, EXO black silver-tabby GC. Massar's Godfather of Vita-Nova, Exotic Silver tabby GC. Dancecats Dancing Dude, EXO brown tabby
CH. Kikicat Lady Ambassador, EXO silver tabby
CH. Jedidiah Twinkle Star, EXO silver tabby SGC. Jedidiah Stargazer, EXO silver tabby
Defrey Frills And Laces, EXO black smoke
CH. Vita Nova's Demi Moore, EXO blue-cream GC. Patina Charlie Chan of Vita-Nova, EXO C.E. White GC. Patina Casper's Caper, EXO C.E. White
CH. Vansnuggles Kiwi of Patina, EXO blue cream
CH. Patina Constance Comet, EXO C.E.White GC. Patina Casper's Caper, EXO C.E. White
Patina Chablis, PER C.E. White
Petovia's Word Of Love, PER shaded tortoiseshell CH./IC. Petovia's Circle Is Unbroken, PER red-smoke CH./GIC. Palmetto's My Surprise, PER black-smoke GC. Palmetto's FNG, PER shaded cameo GC. Amen Rock E. Fella, PER black-smoke
CH. Palmetto's Summer Time, PER red
GC. Palmetto's Surprise Surprise, PER black smoke GC.,RW Palmetto's Circle Be Unbroken, PER black smoke
CH. Chakiri Cybelle, PER black smoke
CH. Masquerade v. La'Noitan, PER tortoiseshell EC.,DM Marhei Mr. Mc Kenzie (FIFe), PER black GC., RW.,DM Mystichill On The Marque of Marhei, PER black
GC. Marhei Essence, PER tortoiseshell
IC.,DM Little High von La'Noitan, (FIFe), PER red CH./EC.,DM Springtree High Time, (FIFe), PER red
IC. Manon von Chattin, PER cream
Palmetto Thunderstar, PER black-smoke CH. Palmetto's Thunder, PER blacksmoke CH. Palmetto Fire In the Sky, PER red cameo smoke GC. Palmetto's FNG, PER shaded cameo
GC. Palmetto Fruit Loops, PER tortoiseshell smoke
Tallysans Forget Me Not, PER tortoiseshell smoke GC. Palmetto's FNG, PER shaded Cameo
CH. Palmetto's Commotion, PER shaded tortoiseshell
Palmetto's Tammy, PER black-smoke GC.,RW Palmetto's Circle Be Unbroken, PER black-smoke GC. Palmetto's Sunspirit, PER shaded cameo
CH. Palmetto's Franjo Road, PER black-smoke
South Paw Reba, PER tortoiseshell GC.,RW.,DM,COY South Paw Wish Upon A Star, PER C.E. White
GC.,DM Mystichill Too Hot To Handle, PER Tortoiseshell
FIFe CH. Lovely Moon's La Vive, Persian red-white van Lovely Moon's BammBamm, PER cream-white Macho Boy Almost Flemish Cats of Lovely Moon, PER blue- white harlekin Gr.Ch.Int. Gwendero's Rainbow Warrior, PER cream-white Artemis Flight to Luck of Gwendero, PER blue Artemis Moonraker, PER blue
GC. Artemis New Moon, PER C.E. White
Artemis Mirage of Gwendero, PER Dilute Calico Artemis Sierra, PER cream
Artemis Yippee Skippy, PER Dilute Calico Van
Ixiolirion's Sitara, PER blue-white CH.Int. Bocasanas Zay No More, PER blue-white GC./GIC. Vickits Diamante, PER blue-white Van
Bocasana's Vanity, PER brown tabby white Van
Ixiolirions Jipsy Woman, PER bluecream blotched tabby-white CH./GIC. Gwendero Cream Cascade, PER cream
Pretty Woman van Tocambar, PER blue patched tabby
CFA CH. Lovely Moon's Romantic Dance, PER blue-white Euro CH. Schirwan's Knockin on Heavens Door, PER cream-white CH. Pom Pello von Burg Hohnstedt, PER blue-white EC. Polcann's Sunny Boy, PER cream-white
CH. Uljana von Burg Hohnstedt, PER blue-cream
CH. Schirwans Celestial, PER black-tortie CH. Lannanza's Made in Heaven, PER black-white
CH. Renajo's Unbelievable, PER tortoiseshell
Lovely Moon's Energy, PER Dilute Calico Miramacats Camillo of Vineyardcat, PER cream-white CH. Little Devil Mike, PER black
Ocalicos Madeline, PER Dilute Calico
CFA CH. Palazzo-Cats Tabatha, PER tortoiseshell CH.,DWPalazzo-Cats Honey Bear, PER red tabby
Palazzo-Cats Casino, PER tortoiseshell
Sunlightcats Romantic Doll, PER Calico Euro CH. Amenity Cats Red Chili Pepper of Sunlightcats, PER red tabby blotched-white IC. Tehy My Precious Joss, PER red-white US Gr.Ch. Bolo Tumbleweed, PER red tabby whitel. DM Softmagic Big John, PER red-white
GC.,DM Bolo's Fruit O'The Loom, PER tortoiseshell
Tehy Christina, PER red-tabby GC. Tehy City Slicker, PER red tabby
DM Bolo's Tabitha, PER red tabby
UB-2B For the Boys, PER tortoiseshell Paquita's Chili Mac of UB-2B, PER red GC./GIC. Paquita's Big Mac, PER black
CH. Sierra Tootsie Pop, PER tortoiseshell
UB-2B For Your Eyes Only, PER tortoiseshell Paquita El Bundy, PER black
Hot Chocolate's Creme Bon Bon, PER cream
Cashiba Bologna of Sunlightcats, PER black white van CH. Belamys Tom Taylor of Cashiba, PER blue-white harlekin Belamys Glenn, PER blue white harlekin GC./GIC. Vickits Diamante, PER blue-white Van
GC. Beauetchere Chanel, PER blue-white
CFA CH. Bocasana's No Milk Today, PER blue white van GC./GIC. Vickits Diamante PER blue-white Van
Bocasana's Vanity, PER brown tabby white Van
Cashiba Just in Time, PER brown patched tabby white van CH. DK* Dan-Queen I'm too Sexy, PER red white van CH. Harwood I Love You Man, PER black-white Van
Harwood Rosemarie, PER Calico
CFA CH. Teragram Morning Star, PER brown ptch cl. tabby white CH. Marhei Gettin Serious, PER black
Marhei Paperchase, PER brown patched tabby-white

pedigree by Daniela Lautenschlager

image source/s: breeders/owners of the cats


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