Pedigree for Sweetharmony's Iceflower
Born: 23/06/2011 Tests:
Breed: Persian Sex: female
Eye: blue eyed 61 Color: white, PER w 61
Sweetharmony's Iceflower, PER white blue eyed FIFe CH. King's Merlin, Persian white, orange eyed GR.INT.CH. Meihuas Irwin, Persian white, orange eyed CH. Artemis Animation of Meihua, Persian black-white Artemis Ruff and Reddy. Persian red-white Artemis Dreamer, PER cream-white Artemis Moonraker, PER blue
Artemis Yippee Skippy, PER Dilute Calico Van
CH. Angtini's Lokmar Dolly, PER red mackerel tabby white CH. Citnkboodles Sergio, PER red tabby-white
GC. Angtini Lokmar Picabo Street, PER Dilute Calico Van
Artemis Stay Puff, Persian blue-white Artemis Moonraker, PER blue GC.,NW Softmagic's JustinTime, PER C.E. White
Marhei's Beauty Marque, PER black
Artemis Blue Bonnet, PER blue-white Van Angtini Charm, PER black-white Van
Rubyrose Good News, PER blue-white Van
Meihua Helen, Persian white orange eyed Budmar William of Meihua, Persian white, orange eyed CH. Wattkatz Dream Maker, PER black-white GC. Tehy Avanti, PER black-white
GC.,RW Wattkatz Watch Me Now DM, PER Dilute Calico Van
CH. Budmar's Voluptuous, PER C.E. White GC. Oh Lala's Gianni Versace, PER C.E. White
GC. Sunny Ridge Starina, PER tortoiseshell
Steeplechase Zoey of Meihua, Persian white orange eyed Tehy Show N'Tell, PER red tabby GC. Bolo Rumor Hasit, PER black
GC./EC. Tehy Angel In Red, PER red
Sundew's Diamond Deb, PER C.E. White GC. Cobby-Corp Neil Diamond, PER C.E. White
Sundew's Blu Jean Baby Queen, PER blue cream
CH. King's Persians Tessa, Persian black-tortie-white DK Obsession's Hot Chili Pepper, Persian red DK Gipsypride's Rayman, Persian red CPC DK Gipsypride's Mr. Miragi, PER black-smoke CH. Long Fing Fong's Niki, PER black-smoke
Gipsypride's Fanni, PER brown tabby
DK Gipsypride's Quini, PER red CPC S*Athelstones Phantom, PER red tabby
My Red Angel Af Reedtz, PER red CPC
Selected Purity Sweet Heart, Persian red GIC. D* Selected Purity Dilan Special, PER red tabby Sorano's Handful Of Hope, PER black
DK Can-Do Summer Song, PER blue-cream
DK Obsession's Esparanza, PER Calico Master Card af Tamara, PER black
Look-Alike von Asserbo, PER red-white
FIN* Nicol-Cat's On The Rocks, Persian Dilute Calico Van GIC.,DM S* Snowdrop's Howard Jones (FIFe), Persian black tabby-white Van IC. S*Snowdrop's For Pleasure, PER black-white harlequin GIC. S* Bocasana's A Promise Kept, PER blue-white Van
S*Snowdrop's Against All Odds, PER black-white
CH. S* Bocasana's Eye To Eye, PER blue tabby white GC.GIC. Vickits Diamante, PER blue-white Van
DM Dearborn On My Mind, PER blue tabby-white
IC. FIN* Nicol-Cat's Kleopatra, Persian blue-tortie-white EC. Catwalks Stand By Me, PER black-white harlequin EC. Halkatlas Tequila Sunrise, PER red-white harlequin
S* Catmaster's Diamond N'Pearl, PER Dilute Calico
EC. FIN* Nicol-Cats Daylight Shadow, PER Dilute Calico IC. Jarbabin zu Money Boy, PER black
FIN* Label-Cat's Adeline, PER cream-white harlequin
FIFe CH. Sweetharmony's Choc.Treasure, PER chocolate-smoke Earth-2 Milky Way, PER chocolate-smoke-white Julius v. Hs. Rittmeyer, PER lilac-white GIC. Violetto v. Hause Rittmeyer, PER lilac CH. Red-Goblin v. Dreilinien, PER red Lilac Boy von Dreilinien, PER lilac
Nightdreams O'My Love, PER tortoiseshell
CH. Lilli v. Hause Rittmeyer, PER lilac-white GIC. Felix vom Hause Rittmeyer, PER lilac-white
Zerlina v. Hause Rittmeyer, PER black-white harlekin
CH. Sterling Silver Butterfly, PER lilac-white-harlekin Victor v. Hause Rittmeyer, PER chocolate-white  
Chandelle v. Hause Rittmeyer, PER blue-white van  
Earth-2 Choc on ice, PER choc.tortie-smoke Earth-2 Moonlight Shadow, PER black-smoke Talk About Love Harry Potter, PER blue-smoke IC. Don Domino vom Traumland, PER Shaded Cameo
Anastasia vom Hindenburghain, PER lilac
Mon-Cherie De Amazonia, PER black-smoke IC. Leonardo de Amazonia, PER black-smoke
Riccarda de Amazonia, PER black CPC
Earth-2 Lilac Diva, PER lilac-cream Wallaby's Odysseus, EXO chocolate point CH. Jackpot Juki of Wallaby, PER CP chocolate point
Wallaby's Desiree, PER black-smoke CPC
Schoko-Carrie v. Dreilinien, PER tortoiseshell CH. Kariston's Leroy Brown, PER chocolate
Nightdream's Sensation, PER tortoiseshell
Panakaia of the g.S., PER choc-tortie-white Zappo of the g.S., PER lilac CH. CHA-CHA, PER lilac-white SO'OR, PER cream-white Bel Caprice's Tamagotchi, PER chocolate-smoke
Magic Noir's Gelaxy, PER Calico CPC
Ara-Bella, EXO black-torbie-cl. CH. Winnie Poo, EXO red tabby
Wahnbach Cat's Black Magic Woman, EXO black
Magic Noir's Hell Angel, PER lilac-white Magic Noir's Mad Max, PER blue-white Katyiah's L-L Dreamer, PER red white Van
CH. Magic Noir's Cleopatra, PER chocolate
Noura of Shambala, PER black CPC Baron von Chateau Ulzhofen, PER chocolate point
Shatzer Patty Cake, PER black CPC
Magic Noirs Gelaxy Kalinka, PER black-tortie-white harlequin Magic Noir's Mad Max, PER blue-white Katyiahs L-L Dreamer, PER red-white van US.GC. Nantee's Astro, PER black-white
US.GC. Katra's Crescendo, PER Calico
CH. Magic Noir's Cleopatra, PER chocolate US.CH. QD Pies Coronation, PER lilac
Kutzikoo Ashanti, PER CP chocolate point
Mchy Uptown Girl of Magic Noir, PER black-tortie-white Gr.CH.,RW Anz Rip Van Winkle of Mchy, PER blue-white van GC. Anz Nicholas Nickleby DM, PER blue-white
GC.,RW Myshadows Miss Markie of Anz DM, PER Calico
CH. Bekah's Badminton, PER black-tortie CH. Connaught Fagan Fitzhugh of Bekah, PER red
GC. Connaught Siobhan, PER blue-tortie

pedigree by Daniela Lautenschlager

image source/s: breeders/owners of the cats

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