Pedigree for FIFe CH. Sweetharmony's Baby Blue
Born: 08/07/2010 Tests: PKD DNA negative
Breed: Persian Sex: female
Eye: orange eyed 62 Color: blue-tortie, PER g
FIFe CH. Sweetharmony's Baby Blue, PER blue-tortie Little Man of King's Persian, PER cream DK Star Wars Qui-Gon Jinn, PER red tabby IP. DK Star Wars Anakin Skywalker, PER brown tabby blotched DM Cattrax Evening Shade, PER black GC.,NW Cattrax Spalding, PER red tabby GC.,DM Copacats Marque O'Zorro, PER black
DM Quin-Jo's Tootsie of Cattrax, PER tortoiseshell
DM Cattrax Silhouette, PER black GC.,DM Copacats Marque O'Zorro, PER black
Black Bluff Cinnamon Twist, PER tortoiseshell
EC.,DM,JW S* Athelstone's Legacy of Rain, PER brown patched tabby GIP.,EC.,WW'00,DM Kyaleen's Talisman, PER black GC.,RW Marhei Amen of Kyaleen, PER black
CH. Thistledown Sweet Desire, PER black
EC.,DM S*Athelstones Raindance, PER brown patched tabby GIC. Caracatta High Profile, PER cream-smoke
CH.,DM Kashmur Special Delivery, PER bron tabby
IC.,WW'96,DM Can-Do's Watch ME Touch Me, EXO tortoiseshell IC.DM Vixi's MoJoe, PER black GIC. Nyland Black Adder, EXO black Red Hot BX av Fagervoll, PER red
IC. Lady Lafayette D av Fagervoll, PER blue-cream
IC. You-Love-Me v. La'Noitan, PER tortoiseshell CH./EC.,DM Springtree High Time, PER red
GIC.,DM Marhei Petite Noire, PER black
DK* Can Do's Mongolian Barbecue, EXO Calico (blacktortie-white) IC. S* Harwood van Johnson, PER red-white Van GC./GIC. Harwood Johnny Hates Jazz, PER red-white
Thistledown Caliope, PER Calico
Expectations Sugar 'N'Spice, EXO C.E. White CH. Expectations White Lightning, PER C.E. White
Expectations Azuree, EXO blue-cream
DK Obsession's Bed of Roses, PER red DK Gipsypride's Rayman, PER red DK Gipsypride's Mr. Miragi, PER blacksmoke CH. Long Fing Fong's Niki, PER black-smoke IC. Long Fing Fong's Fireball, PER black
Habby Queen Af De Chawie, PER
Gipsypride's Fanni, PER brown tabby Tenra's Toyboy, PER silver tabby-white
DK Falkenstrom's Debbi, PER black
DK Gipsypride's Quini PER red CPC S* Athelstones Phantom, PER red tabby GIP.,EC.,WW'00,DM Kyaleen's Talisman, PER black
GIC. S* Athelstones Ovation, PER blue patched tabby
My Red Angel Af Reedtz, PER red CPC Harwood Mozart, PER red
Highclass Baby, PER brown patched tabby-white CPC
S Ixidixi's Falling Leaves, PER tortoiseshell N Korsvik's Alfonso, PER red IC.,COY (N) Korsvik's Davidoff, PER red Kyaleen's Touchdown, PER red
DK Cocachin's One of A Kind, PER tortoiseshell
(N) Korsvik's Obsession, PER C.E. White Kyaleen's Touchdown, PER red
Framor Prisilla Queen-Of-The Desert, PER C.E. White
S* Ixidixi's Piece of Dream, PER C.E. White IC. S* Eddore Undercover, PER C.E. White CH./IC. Kikicat High Praises of Eddore, EXO blue silver tabby
Artemis Akasha of Eddore, PER C.E. White
S* Q Cat's Chimbou, PER blue patched tabby CH./GIC. No Comment Louis Vuitton, EXO black
S* Taragona's Chim Chim Cherie, PER blue patched tabby
Sweetharmony's Galaxy, PER black-white El Zaburs Ink Spot, PER black white CFA.CH. Topcattery Hero, PER black GC.,RW Marhei Fruit of the Loom, PER red tabby GC.,NW,DM Bar-B V.I.C., PER black Bar-B Super Star of Edgewater, PER red
GC. Bar-B Shadow Dancer, PER black
GC.,RW,DM Marhei Fruitcake, PER tortoiseshell GC.,RW,DM Mystichill On The Marque, PER black
Harwood Hollidazed, PER red
Topcattery Ariana, PER tortoiseshell GC.,RW Aziza Jondalar, PER black GC. Luckylady's Jackpot, PER black
GC.,DM Aziza's Emmanuelle, PER tortoiseshell
Topcattery Purr Cilla, PER tortoiseshell GC.,RW Marhei Fruit of The Loom, PER red tabby
CH. Aziza's Soiree, PER tortoiseshell
CH. El Zaburs Pastelle, PER van Dilute calico GC. Colescos Special Effect, PER van cream-white CH. Cattrax All Marked Up, PER black-white GC.,DM Copacats Marque O\'Zorro, PER black
CH. Hypnotique Fruitloops of Cattrax, PER blue-white
CH. Colesco's Ditto, PER red tabby-white GC. Colesco's Mesmereyes, PER red mackerel tabby-white
CH. Colesco's Collage, PER tortoiseshell
CH. Hankypankys Bailey, PER Dilute Calico GC. Bolo Pearl Jam, PER red-white GC. Rubyrose Lightning Bolt, PER black-white
DM Bolo Twiggie, PER red-white
Rangemore Jasmine, PER blue GC. Comesee Aaron of Rangemore, PER blue
CH. Rangemore Bon-E-Blue, PER blue
Sweetharmony's Candygirl, PER chocolate tortie Magic Noir's Happy cream of Sweetharmony's, PER cream Bevenlee Djingis Khan, PER cream CPC GC. Cactusway's Chocolate Bruiser, PER chocolate GC. Cactusway's Chocolate Jackpot, PER CP chocolate point
CH. Cactusway's Lilac Magic of QDPies, PER lilac
CH. Bevenlee's Get Back Loretta, PER tortoiseshell CPC CH. Deetails City Heat, PER red
CH. Mahjo Linda On My Mind, PER CP blue point
CH. Bevenlee's Get Back Loretta, PER tortoiseshell CPC CH. Deetails City Heat, PER red CH. Bar-B Magnum Force, PER blue
GC. Sandman's Ragtime, PER tortoiseshell
CH. Mahjo Linda On My Mind, PER CP blue point CH. Lotsapurr Rocky top, PER CP seal point
Mahjo's Melissa, PER CP blue-cream point
Sweetharmony's Dark Pearl, PER chocolate YabbaDabbaDoo v. Belcaprice, PER black CPC EC. Chocolate-Feliz Legerepi, PER chocolate-smoke Chocolate Cupido Legerepi, PER chocolate
Silver Miracle Legerepi, PER black-smoke CPC
Opal v.d. Oberaumuehle, PER blue-cream CH. Bar-B Sweety, PER black
Stonybrook Ernestine, PER red
Silberpappel's Coffee Bean, PER chocolate CH. QDPies No Guts No Glory, PER chocolate Bevenlee's Chocolate Cafe, PER chocolate
QDPies Just Marvelous, PER chocolate-tortie
GIC. Chocolate Primavera Legerepi, PER chocolate Chocolate Cupido Legerepi, PER chocolate
IC. Famous Legerepi, PER lilac

pedigree by Daniela Lautenschlager

image source/s: breeders/owners of the cats

Copyright Sweetharmony's Persians & Exotic Shorthair 1991-2015