Pedigree for Sedoso's Bonita
Born: 30/09/2015 Tests: Parents PKD DNA/FeLV/FIV neg. tested
Breed: Persian Tests: PKD DNA neg. tested
Color/s: brown patched mac tabby-white (PER f 03 23) Sex: female
Microchip No.: 2760945020339032 Eye: orange eyed 62
CH*Sedoso's Bonita
PER brown patched mac tabby-white
PER f 03 23
IC. Unico El Shuringa*CH
PER red-tabby-white Harlequin
PER d 02 21
GIC. LV*San-Fe Mars,
PER d 01 21
PER red silver blotched tabby white
LV*San-Fe Dream Maker
EXO a 03 22
EXO blue tabby-white
RW AM.GC. Ydem Blue Velvet
EXO a 22
EXO blue tabby
CH. DW Profecii's Bless My Soul, EXO blue tabby GC. DM Del Adene J'Bustopher Brown, EXO brown tabby
Becton's Pretty Woman, EXO brwn patched tabby
CH. DW Yquem Divina Brown, EXO brown tabby GC.NW. Jovan The Legend COY, EXO brown Tabby
CH. Jovan Miss Pennsylvania, EXO brown mac tabby
Parti Wai Fire'n Ice, PER f 03
PER Calico
GC. DM Magratheas Spiritwalker, PER red tabby white CH.ACFA GC. Purdy Katz Huckleberry Finn, PER red tabby-white
Granddelight Amber, PER cream-white Van
GC. DM Parti Wai Grace, PER black-white Van CH. DM Frenchcats Nimbus, PER blue-white Van
GC.GP. DM Parti Wai Easter Bonnet, PER Calico Van
AM.GC. Revillion Baby Girl, PER f 01 62
PER Calico Van
AM.GC. US*Artemis Man in the Moon, PER B.E. White GC. Budmar's Moonbeam, PER C.E. White CH. Wattkatz Dream Maker, PER black-white
CH. DM Budmar's Moonglow, PER C.E. White
Artemis Blue Bonnet, PER a 01,
PER blue-white Van
Angtini Charm of Aristochats, PER black-white Van
Rubyrose Good News, PER blue-white Van
AM.GC. DM Couronne Looney Tunes, PER f 03
PER Calico
CH. Couronne Forget Me Not, PER red-white GC. DM Candirand Sweet Escapes, PER black-white
CH. Harwood Rio, PER Calico
PR. Wattkatz White Out of Out're, PER black white Van GC. Equinox Spotless, PER blue white Van
CH. Wattkatz Hey Jude, PER black-white
CH. US*Parti Wai Perfect Storm
PER f 02
PER Calico
AM.CH. Parti Wai Bentley, PER black-white, PER n 03 AM.GC. US*Artemis Rumor, PER e 03
PER cream-white
Artemis Ruff And Reddy, PER d 03
PER red-white
Artemis Dreamer, PER cream-white
CH. Angtini's Lokmar Dolly, PER Red mac tabby white
Artemis Tootsie Tulip, PER g 03
PER Dilute Calico
Barmont's Sugar Pie, PER cream
Artemis Lulu, PER Dilute Calico
AM.CH. DM US*Parti Wai Cookie Face, PER n 03
PER black-white
GC. RW Oresta Critic Choice,
PER a 03
PER blue-white
Bolo's Scooter John, PER blue-white
Oresta's Cookie, PER Dilute Calico
CH. Royal Lace Odette, PER f 03
PER Calico
GC. Beaudee's Dr. Pepper, PER n 01, PER black-white Van
GC.NW Ribbons Little Miss Muffet, PER cream-white
Validian Storm Warning, Dilute Calico Van AM.GC. US*Parti Wai Eye of the Storm, PER blue white Harlequin,
PER a 02
CH. Joyville's Catnip, PER n 01
PER black-white Van
CH. Polcann Dream-Weaver, PER cream-white
CH. Joyville's Hello Kitty, PER Calico Van
Parti Wai Blue Bonnet, PER blue-white Van CH. DM Frenchcats Nimbus, PER blue-white Van
GC.GP. DM Parti Wai Easter Bonnet, PER Calico Van
AM.GC. Validian C U Next Tuesday
PER g 03
PER Dilute Calico
CH. Artemis In A Blue Moon
, PER blue-white
Artemis Moonraker, PER a
PER blue
Artemis Blue Bonnet, PER blue-white Van
CH. RW Kelsha Gloria, PER e
PER cream
CH. DM Aftabi's California Gold, PER cream
GC.GP.RW.DM Kelsha Blessing Way, PER blue-cream
IC. DE*Amberdreams Wild Orchid,
PER f 03 24
brown patched tabby white
AM.CH. Macglen's Castledown of Amberdream,
PER d 03 22
red tabby-white
RW AM.GC. Macglen's Connemara,
PER n 03 22,
PER brown tabby-white
AM.GC. Wishstar Sensation of Macglen, PER d 01 21 GC.BW.NW, DM Wishstar Triumph, PER brwn mac tabby-white GC. Purrsay's Pearl Jam, PER red-white
GC.RW.DM Wishstar Go Califorum, PER brown mac tabby
CH. Boberan's Rhythm Of Love, PER red tabby-white ACFA RM CH. Agonistes Bear Stamp, PER red tabby white
Boberan's Another Sad Love Song, PER Calico
RW AM.GC. Macglen's Miss Beau Peep Jones,
PER blue-white
GC. MacGlen Going Bonkers, PER black-white CH. South Paw Outburst, PER red-white
MacGlen T.A. Toad, PER black-white Van
GC. Barbeedoll's Peekaboo,
Dilute Calico
GC. Barbeedoll's Ace Reporter, PER black-white Van
CH. Le-Hi Carmen of Barbeedoll, PER cream-white
Zhao Peoney, PER Calico AM.GC. Couronne Hearts on Fire of Zhao,
PER red mack. tabby white
GC.RW Artemis Ted E.Bear, PER black CH. Artemis Octavian, PER C.E. White
CH. DM Artemis Tess, PER black
CH. Harwood Rio, PER Calico GC. Harwood Renoir, PER cream-white Harlequin
Harwood Kaitlyn, PER Calico
AM.CH. Ilex Aura About Her, PER black-white GC. RW Kissnhug Halo, PER black-white GC.RW. Kissnhug Crimson Tide, PER red tabby white
Byhishands Patty Girl, PER Calico
GC. Wishstar Prayer, PER brwn mac tabby-white GC.BW.NW.DM Wishstar Triumph, PER brwn mac tabby-white
GP.RW. DM Wishstar Glory, PER black-white
True Star's Just One Wish, PER brown patched tabby-white Van
AM.CH. Jubileum's Frodo, PER cream white Harlequin AM.GC. DM Primadowdy's M.V.P. of Jubileum, PER cream-white GC. Primadowdy's Yogi Berra, PER cream tabby-white GC. Cinema Lethal Weapon, PER black
GC.RW. Semeion's Kewpie Doll, PER brwn patched tabby-white
CH. Primadowdy's Castanet, PER Dilute Calico GC. Shadylair's Butch Cassidy, PER blue-white
Primadowdy's Rocky Road, PER red tabby-white
Cotn Hill's Livin'By Faith, PER red white Van GC. Catillak's Boll Weavil, PER red tabby-white GC.RW.DM Catillak's Sooner Or Later, PER blue-white
Catillak's Indiscreet of Janita DM, PER tortoiseshell
Meraul's Ivy, PER Dilute Calico SA DGC. Cattabury Armanti, PER cream-white
Catillak's Sprinkles, PER Dilute Calico Van
Kissables Wild & Delicious, PER brown tabby white AM.GC. Kissables Like Manna From Heaven, PER brwn mac tabby-white GC. Parti Wai Jazzman, PER blue-white GC. DM Magrathea's Spritwalker, PER red tabby-white
GC. DM Parti Wai Grace, PER black-white Van
NC.CH. Brannaway Maya, PER brown tabby-white GC.BW.NW.DM Wishstar Triumph, PER brwn mac tabby-white
GC.RW.DM Brannaway Aurora, PER black-white Van
The Catwalk Olivia of Kingdomkatz, PER Calico Parti Wai Picasso, PER black-white GC. Kissables Calvin Klein, PER black-white
DM Parti Toi Cutie Pa Tutie of Parti Wai, PER blue-white Van
CH. The Catwalk Versailles, PER C.E. White GC.RW. Artemis Ted E. Bear, PER black
GC. Artemis Cat Dancing, PER C.E. White

pedigree by Daniela Lautenschlager

image source/s: breeders/owners of the cats


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